February 14, 2018
Melanie Anderson
by Melanie Anderson
Last week, the USDA and the Innovation Center for US Dairy signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to accelerate environmental sustainability in the dairy industry. See full press release here.

Through Land O’Lakes SUSTAINTM Conservation Dairy platform, we utilize both USDA and Innovation Center for US Dairy resources to support our farmer-members in their on-farm conservation efforts. By providing environmental measurement assessments, we can create an environmental profile for every farmer-member and, in turn, design customized solutions to continuously improve their environmental footprint and productivity over time. The USDA and Innovation Center for US Dairy MOU provides a framework that not only streamlines our engagement, but also collectively enhances on-farm conservation impacts throughout the dairy industry. 

“USDA and the Innovation Center will continue to work together to accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies and increase energy efficiency improvements on U.S. dairy farms,” Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said.

This partnership aligns with two new initiatives Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN recently launched with our members: 
  1. SUSTAIN Innovation Financing provides equity-based loans to dairy members through Land O’Lakes Finance Company to implement new technologies or management systems focused on driving measurable outcomes for air, soil, and/or water.
  2. Energy Efficiency Service provides Land O’Lakes members exclusive access to on-farm energy efficiency solutions with EnSave, NRCS and Orion Energy Systems 

We’re looking forward to working closer together to help our dairy members drive meaningful on-farm conservation. To learn more about our Conservation Dairy programs or to talk to someone about conducting an environmental assessment on your farm, please contact Land O’Lakes Member Relations. 

Melanie Anderson
Melanie Anderson // Public Relations Specialist, Communications
Melanie Anderson is a specialist on the Communications team at Land O’Lakes, Inc., based in Arden Hills, Minnesota. She creates content and promotes stories that represent Land O’Lakes’ farm-to-fork businesses. She began her career at Land O’Lakes in 2014.