Land O'Lakes SUSTAIN™ is a leading conservation solutions provider, advancing and connecting stewardship efforts throughout the food system with scale — from farmers to ag retailers to partners like food companies.

How We Work

Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN starts on the farm. Working with farmers and ag retailers, we harness technology and innovative thinking to drive productivity and stronger environmental outcomes.


As a nearly 100-year-old farmer owned cooperative that reaches 50% of U.S. harvested acres, we know what’s happening in farm fields. We position farmers for success by providing them tools and resources to track progress on every acre they farm. Importantly, we help farmers use that information to better manage their farm’s profitability while protecting natural resources including air, soil, water quality.

Agricultural Retailers

We train agricultural retailers, the trusted advisors to farmers, in practices, products and technology that provide holistic insights and advance system-wide on-farm conservation. Our retailer partners then work with farmers to make improvements specific to each farm, designed to help maximize environmental and economic benefits.


As a Fortune 500 food company with a beloved and trusted brand, we understand that consumers want to know where their food comes from. We collaborate with companies and organizations to make sustainability commitments actionable and practical – helping them understand exactly how and where to partner with farmers to accomplish those goals.


For us, sustainable agriculture means a farm is continuously improving its stewardship of the air, soil and water, safeguarding our natural resources for generations to come. A sustainable farmer is able to make business decisions that keep their operation strong and resilient for the long term. And, a sustainable food system also supports a more connected relationship between consumers and those who work hard to feed them.

We support on-farm sustainability by...

Benchmarking progress farmers are currently making through conservation practices that protect the air, soil and water quality.

Developing solutions that address challenges to adopting and scaling conservation practices.

Working with farmers to manage production risk and field vulnerability through the use of conservation practices, facilitating long-term production capacity.

on-farm conservation
to help farmers maintain existing markets for their crops, identify new revenue opportunities, and achieve regulatory certainty.

Our conservation practices focus on three key areas

Air Quality

Soil Health

Water Quality

Every farmer’s stewardship journey is different and we aim to meet farmers where they are by offering a customized, systems-based approach to conservation and sustainability.


Our Innovation and Business Development Team is a group of problem solvers, big thinkers, and creative strategists. We work hand in glove with farmers to create new value in sustainable agriculture through new markets, unlikely partners, and outside the box ideas.

From Barn to Biogas

Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN and California Bioenergy LLC (CalBio), a renewable energy company, are collaborating to make barn-to-biogas a reality in California – unlocking new revenue streams for our member owners, generating renewable energy from farm waste and meeting state regulations. Learn More

Pay For Success

Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN is partnering on a first-of-its-kind pay-for-success project on farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The project is designed to help municipalities satisfy stormwater regulatory limits through environmental benefits generated by on-farm conservation practices targeted at reducing runoff, while helping to return any profits to capital investors.

Innovation Financing

This offering makes up to $3 million in equity-based financing available to eligible Land O’Lakes, Inc. member-owners to implement large-scale, conservation projects on-farm that demonstrate a measurable, positive air, soil or water quality outcome. Learn More

Currently equity-based financing is available exclusively to Land O’Lakes member-owners. If you are interested in applying for financing, Contact Us.

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