Every year, Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN recognizes farmers leading sustainability efforts on their farms and in the agriculture industry with three awards: Outstanding Sustainability, Advocacy and Innovation. Farmers are awarded for their commitment to protect our natural resources, their dedication to year-over-year improvement and their desire to drive innovation, ensuring the strength and health of their farms and our agricultural industry for generations to come. 

Meyer Dairy LLC, Sauk Centre, MN

2017 Conservation Dairy Winner - Outstanding Sustainability 

Nick and Tara Meyer have truly integrated sustainability into every aspect of their farm operation. Their comprehensive efforts focus on everything from the crops they grow to the cows they feed to the milk they produce. Meyer Dairy is a shining example of how on-farm sustainability can make a meaningful impact in the agricultural industry.

Rezac Farms, Weston, NE

2017 Conservation Agronomy Winner - Outstanding Sustainability

Matt Rezac leads by example. He is a staunch advocate for the agronomic practices he has implemented on his own farm. He uses his experience to highlight the positive economic and environmental impacts of sustainable agriculture. His desire to continually improve environmental stewardship shows his dedication to the success of not only his own operation, but the future of sustainable agriculture.

Central Manor Dairy, Washington Boro, PA

2017 Conservation Dairy Winner - Advocacy

The Harnish family strives to be transparent in their farming practices and works to engage the community to ensure consumers understand the how and why behind modern farming. Steve Harnish has educated hundreds of local students over the last decade and has been a tireless advocate for sustainable agriculture at all levels of government. He is a true champion of sustainable agriculture.

Red Rock View Farms, Darlington, WI

2017 Conservation Agronomy Winner - Advocacy

Steve Carpenter is a leader and advocate for sustainable agriculture. Through his commitment to conservation organizations, agricultural associations and Land O’Lakes, he has made an impactful and positive difference for the agricultural industry. Additionally, he is an innovative farmer who is always open to new ideas to improve both the production and sustainability of his operation.

Mercer Vu Farms, Mercersburg, PA

2017 Conservation Dairy Winner - Innovation

Rick, Becky and Rod Hissong drive innovation through their holistic manure management system. The Hissong family maximizes the value of manure to increase the economic viability of their operation, while protecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Their system successfully improved the surrounding air and water quality and is a model of successful manure management strategies for dairy farms. 

Janssen Beef and Grain, Greensburg, KS

2017 Conservation Agronomy Winner - Innovation

Pat Janssen’s dedication to nutrient use efficiency and precision water use has helped him significantly reduce his on-farm environmental impact. His innovative approaches to reducing soil erosion, nutrient runoff and water loss have also proven to be very cost-effective. His leadership in Kansas agriculture has helped him become an influential voice in sustainability. 

2017 Honorable Mentions

Outstanding Sustainability Award

  • Greden Farms, Altura, MN

  • Mays Farming, Upperco, MD

Advocacy Award

  • Rib-Arrow Dairy, Tulare, CA

  • Badger Farms, Carbondale, KS

Innovation Award

  • Valadao Dairy, Hanford, CA

  • Prairie Son Acres, Duval, SK (Canada)