stewardship that is farmer-owned and farmer-driven.

Every day, American farmers and agricultural retailers make on-farm conservation decisions that impact almost a billion acres. Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN’s™ network brings together the best in agricultural technology and on-farm business management to drive sustainability across the food system, feeding people, safeguarding the planet and supporting farmer livelihoods.

Whether you’re a farmer, a retailer or a food company, you can join us. Learn How.  

We deliver

unique scalable solutions through our North American network of agricultural retailers to engage farmers in advancing conservation solutions.

We collect

data to provide farmers with data-based insights to support continuously improvement and help people understand how food was produced.

We connect

the food and agriculture value chain – from company-level sustainability commitments to farm-level acre-by-acre conservation efforts.

Who we are

Land O'Lakes SUSTAIN is a leading conservation solutions provider, advancing and connecting stewardship efforts throughout the food system with scale – from farmers to ag retailers to partners like food companies. Find out more in our ABOUT section...

As a leader in scaling private-sector conservation solutions, Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN is taking the next step in farmer-led and farmer-driven sustainability through Truterra™   


Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN offers a number of services to support sustainability from farm-to-fork. From our in-field consultations with farmers, providing customized recommendations to improve their on-farm stewardship to our work as an implementation partner for leading food companies supporting their desire for sustainably-sourced ingredients – Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN is creating solutions.

Work with us

Land O'Lakes SUSTAIN is working from farm-to-fork to create customized sustainability solutions throughout the food system. Whether you are a farmer, ag retailer, food company, startup or just someone with a great idea--we would love to hear from you.