Published on 08/19/2019

A Farmer-Owned Co-Op Working with Farmers to “Change the World,” Acre-by-Acre

As part of one of America’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives, Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN sees firsthand every day how farmers change the world through their grit, dedication and innovation. We’re here to support their efforts, including with tools like the Truterra Insights Engine that help them feed the world, safeguard the environment and focus on the health of their businesses for the next generation.  

It’s why we were honored that for the second time in three years, Land O’Lakes, Inc. was recognized for this work on Fortune magazine’s 2019 Change the World list, an annual list of 52 companies using the creative tools of business to help the planet and tackle society’s unmet needs.
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When we debuted the Truterra Insights Engine nearly a year ago, we offered farmers a first-of-its-kind digital platform built with the their priorities in mind. The Truterra Insights Engine helps ag retailers and farmers measure and track on-farm stewardship progress in real time, prioritizing the factors that matter most. Using this digital tool, farmers can look ahead to how certain changes – like using a nitrogen stabilizer or planting cover crops – can help them make a difference in protecting the environment, while keeping a focus on their profit potential. For farmers and their trusted advisors, ag retailers, the Truterra Insights Engine helps balance economic and environmental considerations field-by-field and acre-by-acre.

In less than a year, the Truterra Insights Engine has been deployed on 3,000 farms across the nation. We’ve forged new bonds spanning the public, private and nonprofit sectors to help support farmers’ stewardship, including with companies like global equipment manufacturer AGCO, Environmental Tillage Systems and LaCrosse Seed, which offers premium cover crop seed and management tools.
By benchmarking practices farm-by-farm and acre-by-acre, Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN and the Truterra Insights Engine, working alongside companies like Campbell Soup Company and Tate & Lyle, are helping farmers and food companies demonstrate stewardship efforts in a way that matters across the value chain.
Across the nation, farmers are working every day to deliver solutions that can, in fact change the world – seed by seed, acre by acre and farm by farm. At Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, we’re proud to be their partners in this journey and proud of today’s recognition.
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