Published on 05/30/2019

#MyStewardshipStory: Matt Rezac, Advocating for Climate Solutions

Matt Rezac is a fourth-generation farmer from Weston, Nebraska. Together with his wife Tina and their two boys, Matt farms more than 2,500 acres of corn and soybeans. In the Rezac family, farming is more than the family business—it is a multi-generational identity. In fact, there are parts of their land that have been in their family for more than 140 years—and Matt and Tina want to make sure they are doing everything they can to preserve their land and farm for the next generation.

In Matt’s case that means not just employing on-farm conservation practices on their own farm, it means advocating for farmer-driven solutions in his community and at the highest levels of government. On May 21, Matt shared his perspective as a Nebraska farmer with the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee in Washington DC at a hearing focused entirely on climate change. Matt’s #MyStewardshipStory is advocating for climate solutions and the important role agriculture must play in driving these results. In Matt’s opinion, when it comes to stewardship, “there is no one better than the American farmer.”

Climate solutions start on every acre. For Matt and his family, that means farming in a way that is both economically viable and is minimally impactful to the environment. They employ a range of conservation practices to protect their air, soil and water resources. In telling his stewardship story to this country’s leading agricultural policymakers, Matt is advocating for farmers everywhere and fighting for the support that farmers need to continue to push forward on climate solutions.

Farmers are not in this alone. The essence of stewardship rests on collaboration.

Over the years, Matt and his family have worked with local conservation resources including their local District Conservationist and local USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office to tailor conservation solutions to their farm. Additionally, their work with Frontier Cooperative in Brainard, Nebr., and Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN helps to complement NRCS resources by providing farmers like Matt data-driven insights through the Truterra Insights Engine to make their on-farm conservation even more impactful.

Public and private sector collaboration is crucial to helping farmers achieve more, and it takes farmers like Matt telling his story and advocating for change to create meaningful change. Only then can we hope to ensure that agriculture not only has a seat at the table in supporting climate solutions but a driving perspective showcasing how farmers can create tremendous impact.

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