Published on 10/21/2019

Tackling the Big Question: What’s the Best Way to Balance Profitability and Stewardship on My Farm?

Land O’Lakes CEO Beth Ford and Jason Weller, Senior Director of Sustainability at Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, recently spoke at a Knowledge Event hosted by our ag retailer partner Ceres Solutions. The focus of this event, attended by more than 300 farmers and retailers, was on how new tools can help farmers tackle the big question: what’s the best way to balance profitability and stewardship on my farm?
While the operation’s bottom line is always top of mind for farmers, more than ever, external forces like weather and trade mean that every cent counts – especially as we begin to make decisions for crop year 2020. And, as the conversation around agriculture’s important role in mitigating climate change continues to grow, new technologies can help farmers quantify and tell the story of their positive impact.    
That’s where the Truterra Insights Engine comes in. With sub-field level insights, it offers farmers a deeper look at which areas of their operation are performing best, which areas could offer a source of additional revenue through enrolling in conservation programs, and which areas could benefit from management changes like less tilling, more cover crops, or adding buffer strips. What’s more, the Truterra Insights Engine offers a sandbox for farmers to model how stewardship practices could impact their future profits.
Retailers like Ceres Solutions have agronomists who are trained to use the Truterra Insights Engine and can help farmers utilize it on their operations. With help from ag retailers, the Truterra Insights Engine is currently in use on about 3,000 farms around the country just a year after its launch. Recently, we committed to expanding the use of Truterra Insights Engine to more farms in an exciting new initiative with Tate & Lyle to use ag tech to measure and bolster sustainability on 1.5 million acres of U.S.-grown corn – the equivalent of Tate & Lyle’s entire global corn purchases. Participating farmers will receive customized recommendations to implement practices that greenhouse gas emission reduction, nitrogen efficiency, water and wind erosion, and soil quality. 
To learn more about how to work with your local ag retailer to deploy the Truterra Insights Engine on your farm for crop year 2020, visit