Published on 03/28/2019

The Farmer Advisors: Central Farm Service and Ceres Solutions

Farm sustainability can be easier to achieve with the right tools, advice and support. That’s why farmers rely on agricultural retailers as trusted advisors and suppliers of the right technology for their operations.

At the Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN Partners In Excellence Summit, we were proud to honor just a few of the many outstanding ag retailers across the United States and Canada who are helping to drive improved environmental outcomes while supporting farm profitability and resilience. Southern Minnesota-based Central Farm Service (CFS) received the Outstanding Ag Retailer Award, while Ceres Solutions of Indiana received an honorable mention.
Central Farm Service
CFS was honored with the 2018 Partners in Excellence Outstanding Ag Retailer Award for its collaboration with Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN to enroll over 160,000 acres into Truterra™ Insights Engine, our recently-launched on-farm digital platform that helps farmers measure sustainability progress and trends, in real time, at an acre-by-acre level.
CFS is a key partner, along with Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, Hormel, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the local soil and water conservation district, on the Cedar River Watershed Partnership in Minnesota, an award-winning public-private partnership focused on connecting farmers with tools and resources to improve the soil, water and economic health of their operations and address water quality challenges in the region.
CFS also has a long history of pursuing profitable precision technology for farmers. They launched their 240,000 acres (and counting) comprehensive precision platform, Central Advantage, in 2003 and their 70,000 acre NitrateNow program in 2012. NitrateNow strives to improve a growers’ nitrogen use efficiency while proving return on investment. CFS has integrated Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN into Central Advantage and NitrateNow, as well as other programs designed to support on-farm conservation.
Ceres Solutions
Ceres Solutions in Indiana has been a Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN ag retailer for the past two years. They have enrolled nearly 100,000 acres into their Land O’Lakes SUSTIAN Program, and have taken an active role in educating their local community about soil health and conservation by hosting multiple field days for customers.
Ceres is also a key leader in the Big Pine watershed conservation project focused on improving water quality in western Indiana. Ceres is also a key partner in our recently-announced collaboration to source sustainably-grown corn from the Midwest for global ingredient supplier Tate & Lyle. The relationship enables Tate & Lyle, a significant user of U.S.-grown corn, to enhance sustainable agriculture by helping corn farmers target and measure the impact of their environmental stewardship efforts, using the latest technology.
Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN’s nationwide network of ag retailers supports farmers as they combine tried and true practices like planting cover crops with cutting edge technology tools like the Truterra Insights Engine.
Combining deep agronomic knowledge with precision ag technology, ag retailers like CFS and Ceres Solutions offer tools, practices and advice that maintain farm profitability while reducing environmental impact and supporting climate resilience. We are thrilled to have these innovative retailers as part of our network, and proud to recognize their good work with the Outstanding Ag Retailer Award.