Published on 12/24/2019

What Drives a Truly Sustainable Agriculture System?

The marketing term “regenerative agriculture” was used a lot in 2019. As advocates for the power of farmer-led stewardship, we believe that there are many ways to have a truly sustainable agriculture system.

Sustainability is a robust system of change. Sustainable agriculture is a constantly evolving set of practices and approaches to protect and improve the quality of soil, water and air. Regenerative agriculture is one part of the sustainable agriculture continuum.

A farm that practices nutrient management and reducing tillage and a farm that practices regenerative agriculture can both be equally beneficial for the environment. These are two different approaches that both fall within a sustainable agriculture system.

While there are big claims associated with regenerative agriculture, as with any approach to sustainability, regenerative agriculture is only as strong as the quality of its practices and the science and metrics documenting its results.

As we consider how agriculture can help to solve big global challenges like climate change, it's important to lift up all practices and approaches that benefit the environment, reduce greenhouse gases, and support a strong farm economy.

In 2020, stay tuned as we take you behind the scenes to show what it takes to drive a truly sustainable agriculture system and the results that we are seeing from multiple approaches across the country. Follow us @TruterraLLC or visit for more.